Mrs A’s Indian Gentlemen

Set in a railway town in the west of England during the winter of 1943 and spring of 1944, this story focuses on the experiences of three Indian men brought to the UK to help prepare in the run up to D-Day invasion of Europe and the people they come into contact with.

And that is how railway engineer Imtiaz ‘Billy’ Khan, logistics supremo Vincent Rosario and maths prodigy Akaash Ray find themselves in Swindon, lodging with the well-intentioned Mrs A, hilariously navigating bland food, faulty toilet cisterns, secret assignments and a mutual distrust of one another.

This is a rollicking tale of misadventure about what happens when cultures collide, dedicated with affection to the town of Swindon

The Final Charge

Part courtroom drama, part political thriller, part military history, The Final Charge explores the nature of both the brutal Emergency in Colonial East Africa in the 1950s and the institutionalised corruption in present day Kenyan politics. It also asks important questions about what it means to be a minority in a society, where responsibility lies for past wrongs and who gets to decide who is condemned as a terrorist and whom lauded as a freedom fighter: themes more relevant today than ever.

The Peacock in the Chicken Run

A Novella which tells the story of what happens when a cross-section of the Indian diaspora in the UK find themselves abandoned overnight in Heathrow airport on the coldest night of the 20th Century. Based on real events.


An Englishman awaiting execution somewhere in Africa spends his last night writing to a woman in India he has never met. The recipient of that letter, hard drinking Mumbai based newswoman Taz Dhar, sets off to find out who he was, and how he could have been executed without apparently anyone knowing about it. A global mystery with a new kind of hero, this story is also about one woman’s journey through unsuccessful relationships and unlikely friendships toward an approximation of self-discovery.

Lords of Alijah Book CoverThe Lords of Alijah

Set in the Indian State of Gwalior in the final days of the 19th Century and with a rich cast of dacoits, spies, soldiers, nobles, beggars and prostitutes this tale follows the Filose brothers as they risk everything in the search across the mighty British Raj for the answers that will save their State and its rulers from internal intrigue and external threats.

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